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Look at these things and smile. Or cry. Or laugh. Or send me strange anon messages talking about cheese.


Just a few of the new prizes you can get for backing Dead Meat during its final 24 hours!

Original Billy & Mandy artwork!  Underfist shirts!  Model cars!  Billy & Mandy pillow and posters!  Be an extra in Dead Meat!  

The Billy & Mandy goodies include shipping as soon as the Kickstarter ends, so you can get ‘em in time for the holidays.

Big thanks to everyone who’s backed Dead Meat already.  I’ve gotten hundreds of new followers on Tumblr in the last few weeks due to the Kickstarter, so if you Billy & Mandy fans haven’t checked out the page in a while, now’s the time!

Pass the word along and be a part of Dead Meat!

2. Apanthropinization- withdrawl from human concerns

2. Apanthropinization- withdrawl from human concerns

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